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04 January 2020 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. While patrolling in the Bothasig area, Armed Response Officer Tietz came across a gentleman laying on the side of the road, along Ross Street. The male was shouting. Officer Tietz requested that District Central contact SAPS to assist. A bystander was able to get hold of a family member who said that they were on their way to fetch him. SAPS took over the scene.

17 December 2019 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. Area Manager Marais received information of an adult male that had collapsed at the De Grendal Centre in Bothasig. He informed District Central that he would be making his way to provide assistance. Upon arrival he found that the male was receiving assistance. It was reported that the male was standing in the queue and started feeling dizzy and then collapsed. Area Manager Marais checked the male’s vitals and blood pressure. The male was feeling very dizzy and lightheaded. He was not in any sort of pain but the dizziness was severe and it appeared that he was starting to convulse. Area Manager Marais immediately requested medical services. A short time later, ER24 arrived and the medics took over the scene. Area Manager Marais assisted with getting the male into the ambulance and he was transported to hospital for further treatment.