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12 March 2019 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. Armed Response Officer Marais was informed of a medical situation. It was reported that an adult male had been stabbed at the station. Officer Marais made his way to the scene followed by Area Manager Swanepoel. Upon their arrival, they found that the male had been stabbed on the right inner thigh. They applied pressure to the wound, covered it with dressings and then bandaged it up. The male was left in the care of SAPS and an off duty firefighter while they awaited the ambulance.

10 March 2019 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. While responding to another incident, Armed Response Officer Muller heard a commotion over in Enza Circle, Bothasig. When he patrolled the area, he noticed clothes scattered in the road and then saw a male shouting. When the male saw Officer Muller, he climbed into his vehicle and left. Officer Muller then got out of his vehicle and helped the ladies to pick up the clothes. They explained to him that the male has a number of kids with a number of women. He has a history of violence and has numerous interdicts against him. One of his children stays in the area with the mother and grandmother, whom he was making threats to at the time. Area Manager M Smith arrived at the premises shortly after, followed by SAPS W/O Newman. The male is known to SAPS officers and the grandmother was informed that her daughter needs to take out an interdict against him. Officer Muller provided the women with District Central’s emergency contact number (021-559-4111) and then needed to leave.