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25 July 2021 Bothasig / Edgemead

Armed Response Officer N van Zyl was approached by the security officer in the Burgundy area who reported that he had been threatened with a knife by a male suspect. He was able to give a description of the suspect and mentioned that he had headed towards Bothasig. Officer van Zyl requested assistance. Officers W van Zyl and Laing were notified and found the male along Plattekloof Road. They were able to detain the suspect and confiscated the knife they found in his possession. SAPS were contacted. They arrived some time later and took the male away for further questioning.

06 July 2021 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. During the early hours of the morning, Area Manager Opperman received a request for assistance from Bothasig NHW. They reported 2 suspect males attempting to steal batteries from the dog park. They proceeded to search the high school and surrounding areas but could not find anyone. They did find a home made ladder as well as bolt cutters. SAPS took the items for evidence.