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07 March 2020 Bothasig

Bothasig Crime Trends. Armed Response Officer Swartz received information regarding an alarm activation from a High School in Bothasig. Upon his arrival, he noticed a SAPS van driving in the opposite direction. He followed the van onto the school premises. They found the caretaker around the corner, who then informed them that he had seen two suspect males jump out one of the windows. They ran around the back and jumped the fence. Due to the fog, visibility was really poor. The officers checked the school grounds but found no one. The suspects removed a window and got away with a computer.

05 March 2020 Bothasig

Serving the Community, Bothasig. Area Manager Marais received a call regarding an adult male that was having difficulty breathing. He informed District Central that he would be making his way to the premises in Ceylon Street, Bothasig and that Shift Commander de Kock would be covering his area. Upon arrival at the premises, he found the male was struggling to breathe and immediately took his vitals. His blood pressure was 185/100 and had a high sugar reading. The male insisted that he would not be going to the hospital and was left in the care of his family.