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06 January 2020 Burgundy Estate / Edgemead / Monte Vista / Panorama

Serving the Community. Officers starting their shifts off by showing visibility in the following areas: Montague Drive, Monte Vista; Checkers, Burgundy Estate; C/O Rothchild and Malmesbury Road, Panorama; C/O Edgemead Drive and Sunnyside, Edgemead and Giel Basson and Uys Krige, Panorama.

28 December 2019 Burgundy Estate

Serving the Community, Burgundy Estate. District Central dispatched Armed Response Officer Germishuys to assist with a medical at a complex in Burgundy Estate. Upon his arrival he noticed that the male was being loaded into a private vehicle to be transported to the hospital. He did not receive much information, only that they suspected that the male had had a seizure.