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19 May 2019 Burgundy Estate

Serving the Community, Burgundy Estate. Armed Response Officer von Biljon was conducting a complex patrol in Burgundy Estate when he noticed a vagrant scratching in the bins. He approached the male and asked how he managed to get into the complex. He replied and said that he entered as a resident was leaving. Officer von Biljon searched the male but did not find anything on him besides a knife, which he confiscated. He patrolled on to check that everything was in order and then asked the male to leave the area.

15 May 2019 Burgundy Estate

At approximately 14h00, a site manager working at Burgundy Estate, approached Armed Response Officer Beukman and informed him that two of the employees had illegally sold of their building material. Officer Beukman and Officer Hugo followed the manager to the site and waited for the employees to return. While waiting, officers were shown footage to confirm what the site manager reported. When the vehicle returned, the employees were positively identified and arrested. SAPS were notified. They arrived at the scene and took a statement from the site manager and the two males were taken away. The buyer came back to the site and a case was opened against him for buying stolen goods.