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22 August 2019 Burgundy Estate

Serving the Community, Burgundy Estate. At approximately 01h20, while patrolling, Shift Commander Swanepoel noticed an ER24 Ambulance leaving the Checkers parking lot. He made an attempt to catch up with them but they turned left into Tygerbergvalley Road, towards Bothasig. Shortly after, Armed Response Officer Hugo informed Shift Commander Swanepoel that the same ambulance was at a convenience store in Bothasig. He instructed Officer Hugo to go and assist where he could. According to the driver, they were looking for a patient but couldn’t find him. In the meantime, Shift Commander Swanepoel returned to the Checkers and checked the loading area. He found the patient the medics were looking for. The males were busy offloading goods from the truck when one of the containers fell over on top of the patient, pinning his hips and legs. He informed officers at the convenience store in Bothasig. ER24 and officers arrived at the scene shortly after. Medics assessed the patient. With the assistance from the trucks hydraulic lift, they were able to get the patient out from under the container and onto a gurney. He was transported to Louis Leipoldt for further treatment.

19 August 2019 Bothasig / Burgundy Estate / Monte Vista / Panorama

Serving the Community. Armed Response Officers showing visibility in their respective areas before their shift starts for the day.