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11 July 2021 Burgundy Estate / Edgemead / Monte Vista / Welgelegen

Serving the Community. Armed Response Officers showing visibility at the start of their shifts – Monte Vista, Edgemead, Burgundy Estate and Welgelegen.

26 June 2021 Burgundy Estate

Burgundy Estate Crime Trend. Armed Response Officers van Zyl and Seyffert were dispatched to a complex in Burgundy Estate after it was reported that a suspect male had stolen laundry off the washing line. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the male who witnessed the incident and reported that the suspect was hiding in the bin room waiting to exit the complex. Officers checked the bag and found wet towels, a tray of eggs and other items. The male informed them that he found the towel in the bin room but upon checking the washing line, pegs were found laying on the ground, broken. SAPS were notified. After some time, SAPS arrived, took the relevant statements and loaded the suspect male into the vehicle and took him away for further questioning.