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11 October 2019 De Tijger

Serving the Community, De Tijger. Trainee Officer Olivier informed Armed Response Officer Germishuys that there had been a motor-vehicle accident in front of the Islands in De Tijger. He arrived at the scene at approximately 07h10 and found that two cars had collided. The tow vehicles were already on scene. Officer Germishuys approached the drivers and it was reported that the driver of the black VW was coming down Hannes Louw when the driver of the Alfa Romeo came out of The Islands without checking or stopping. He drove in front of the VW and the two vehicles collided. Both vehicles were towed from the scene and the drivers mentioned that they would go to SAPS themselves.

20 September 2019 De Tijger

District Central received a call regarding a theft from the store in De Tijger and staff had managed to apprehend the culprit. Armed Response Officer Pretorius was dispatched. The female had been apprehend. Due to shift change, officer Pretorius left the scene and officer Weyers took over. SAPS arrived at approximately 19h27 to take over the scene.