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06 February 2019 Kleinbosch

Kleinbosch Crime Trend. During the early hours of the morning, District Central received an alarm activation from a premises in Malmesbury Street, Kleinbosch. Response Officer Stassen was dispatched and arrived at the scene at approximately 04h18. He climbed over the wall and ensured that the perimeter of the premises was cleared. Upon his inspection he found that a small window had been removed and placed on the grass. The sliding door was also tampered with. Area Manager Opperman stood down shortly after to assist. According to the owner, she heard knocking on the door before the window was removed. She woke her husband, who then pressed the panic button. Nothing was taken from the premises and Paul from PWP was called out to assist with the window and frames. SAPS were notified and they arrived at the premises at approximately 04h48.

30 August 2018 Kleinbosch

Kleinbosch Crime Trend. The owner from a residence in Kleinbosch Crescent, Kleinbosch, called in to report that a few items were missing from his backyard. Response Officer Stassen was dispatched and upon arrival, he spoke to the owner. He was shown where it was thought that the suspect had accessed the premises, which was over the wall. The suspect took a 9kg gas bottle as well as a camp chair. He then exited the premises via the gate, which was opened from the inside. The owner informed Officer Stassen that he would make a case himself and it would not be necessary for SAPS to be dispatched.