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05 January 2021 Kleinbosch

Kleinbosch Crime Trend. Armed Response Officer van Zyl was dispatched to a premise in Vredenburg Street, Kleinbosch, after District Central received an alarm activation. Upon arrival at the premises at approximately 14h02, Officer van Zyl did a full perimeter check and all seemed in order. At approximately 15h30, District Central received another alarm activation and Officer van Zyl was sent to the address. The premises was the same but upon closer inspection of the vehicle it was found that the bonnet was slightly open. The battery had been removed, the driver side door was unlocked and the window slightly open. There was contents laying in the passenger seat. The officer was unable to get hold of the owner and after talking to the neighbours, the contents were put back and the car locked.

23 November 2020 Kleinbosch

Serving the Community, Kleinbosch. Area Manager Marais received information that medical assistance was required at a premises in Meerlust Close, Kleinbosch. He requested that Armed Response Officer Lock make his way to the scene to assist. Upon arrival it was reported that the male was unresponsive and had no pulse. He instructed Officer Lock to get the male on the floor and start CPR. Resq Medix arrived at the scene shortly after and took over. They then terminated CPR. SAPS arrived at the premises and took over the scene.