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08 October 2019 Monte Vista

Serving the Community, Monte Vista. Response Manager Mouton received information that a fire had started at the fisheries in Monte Vista. The fire was started at the fryer. Response Officers arrived at the scene and used fire extinguishers to control the fire until Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene. Upon their arrival they were able to extinguish the fire completely.

04 October 2019 Monte Vista

Serving the Community, Monte Vista. Area Manager Marais received information from District Central regarding an apparent domestic dispute between a male and female inside a vehicle in front of the grocery store in Monte Vista. Upon arrival, it was found that the female had passed out and the male had slapped her to wake her up. It was then reported that she had taken an unknown amount of drugs before passing out. Officers were able to wake her up and get her walking but she collapsed. They placed her in the recovery position and monitored her breathing. Fire and Rescue arrived shortly after and administered IV therapy. The female started becoming more aware. Metro ambulance arrived at the scene and loaded the female into the ambulance before loading the male, as he had also collapsed at that point. Both were taken to hospital for treatment.