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21 May 2019 Panorama

Panorama Crime Trend. A resident from Paarl Street, Panorama called in to report that there had been an attempted break-in at the premises. At approximately 04h32, they heard someone try to get through the sliding door but they were unsuccessful because of the slam-lock gate, which then triggered the alarm. The suspect was startled and fled the premises. No access was gained to the premises.

19 May 2019 Panorama

Serving the Community, Louis Botha. A resident from Louis Botha, Panorama, called in to District Central to report that a vagrant had been attacked by two dogs. Shift Commander De Kock was dispatched, along with Armed Response Officer Stassen. Upon arrival, Shift Commander De Kock attended to the wound while officer Stassen tried to find out where the dogs had come from. The male stated that the dogs came from a premises in the street. The officers were unable to make contact with the owners but noticed paw prints on the wall. Metro was dispatched and the male was taken to Elsies River day hospital for further treatment.