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08 March 2019 De Tijger / Parow North

Serving the Community, Parow North. While patrolling the De Tijger area, Armed Response Officer Stassen came across an accident scene. As he approached, he noticed that all the required emergency services were already on scene. Speaking to one of the witnesses, it was reported that coming from the Plattekloof bridge, a polo came speeding past, with sparks coming from the tyre. It appeared that the tyre had burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle, which had then hit a poll and rolled. 3 males were in the vehicle, under the influence of alcohol.

06 March 2019 Parow North

Serving the Community, Parow North. A staff member from a school in the Parow North area called in to report that they had found a gate partially open. Armed Response Officer Pretorius responded and upon arrival, he did a check of the perimeter as well as a check inside the area. There was no signs of forced entry anywhere. The gate appeared to have been removed from the track and was slightly damaged. He managed to get the gate back on the track, with some assistance and he was assured that they would get the gate fixed ASAP.