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18 March 2019 Parow North

Serving the Community, Parow North. After attending a call out in Christiaan Beyers, Shift Commander de Kock and Armed Response Officer Weyers found three vagrants on the Corners of Herbert Baker st and McIntyre, Parow North. The one gentleman explained to the officers that his friend had injured himself with a piece of glass. Shift Commander de Kock asked to see the wound after which he asked District Central to dispatch a Metro Ambulance so that they can give medical treatment, due to fearing that the wound turns septic. Metro was dispatched at 21:33. Shift Commander de Kock proceeded to clean the man’s wound and bandage his foot. Metro Ambulance 114 stood down at 23:02 and took over the scene. The male was transported to Elsies River day Hospital.

08 March 2019 De Tijger / Parow North

Serving the Community, Parow North. While patrolling the De Tijger area, Armed Response Officer Stassen came across an accident scene. As he approached, he noticed that all the required emergency services were already on scene. Speaking to one of the witnesses, it was reported that coming from the Plattekloof bridge, a polo came speeding past, with sparks coming from the tyre. It appeared that the tyre had burst and the driver lost control of the vehicle, which had then hit a poll and rolled. 3 males were in the vehicle, under the influence of alcohol.