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17 August 2019 Panorama / Welgelegen

Serving the Community. At approximately 06h03 District Central dispatched officers to attend to a vehicle standing along Giel Basson drive. It was reported that there were three males asleep in the vehicle with the ignition still on. Officers arrived at the vehicle and it was clear that the males were intoxicated and the one was clearly not aware of his surroundings. SAPS were contacted but they were instructed to leave the vehicle and let the occupants sleep. The vehicle did not have any license plates and a disk was not displayed but there was a paper in the back window with the license number on it. After calling SAPS and them being unresponsive, officers had to leave the scene.

16 August 2019 Welgelegen

Serving the Community, Welgelegen. Area Manager H Smith was informed by a resident (non-client) that an elderly lady had fallen. Armed Response Officer Muller and Area Manager H Smith arrived at the premises and monitored her vitals. They were awaiting metro but she was eventually attended to by a private doctor. All was in order when they left the scene.