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13 November 2019 Edgemead

Serving the Community, Edgemead. Area Manager Marais received a call from District Central to assist with a medical call. Upon arriving at the premises in Louis Thibault, Edgemead it was reported that an adult male had fallen and passed out. He asked the family what had happened and immediately checked his vitals. Officer Marais did a sternum rub to get a reaction and the male immediately came round. He asked the male if he had any pain to which the male mentioned that he had pain in his left shoulder area, lower back on the left side, ribs on the left side and his right knee. He remained in the position he was laying in and Officer Marais covered him with a blanket while monitoring his vitals. ER24 arrived on the scene and proceeded to give him IV therapy. Once he was stabalised, he was transported to hospital for further treatment.

11 November 2019 Monte Vista

Serving the Community, Monte Vista. Area Manager Opperman was dispatched to a motor-vehicle accident at Camoens and Monte Vista Boulevard, Monte Vista. On arrival he saw that a red citi Golf had collided with a silver VW. Armed Response Officer Weyers arrived to assist with traffic flow. The passengers of the red Golf had sustained minor injuries. Resq Medix arrived to assist where needed.