The Bassett Vision

BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS strive to provide our customers with a professional level of service through dedicated employees and proven security equipment. As well as to promote safety, superior security and peace of mind.

Our Mission


DISTRICT BASSETT operates in the same way as DISTRICT WATCH. The same level of service excellence is offered – quick response time with the advanced DISTRICT WATCH infrastructure, resources and experience to back it up. DISTRICT BASSETT works as an armed response service provider to many other alarm and monitoring companies in the Durbanville area who don’t have the infrastructure to provide an armed response service.

Please note that if you are currently a DISTRICT WATCH customer and are moving to the Durbanville area, BASSETT BURGLAR ALARMS and DISTRICT BASSETT will provide you with the same fantastic service you received from DISTRICT WATCH while living in the DISTRICT WATCH protected area. If you are thinking of moving further afield in the Western Cape area and are a DISTRICT WATCH or DISTRICT BASSETT client, please contact us to assist you with your security needs – WE CAN HELP YOU.