Armed Response

Our armed response officers are visible, watchful and always close to you. As professionals, they are trained for every eventuality, are all qualified by and registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority), undergo monthly training, and a Corporate SAIDSA Services Member.

Although the team is as richly diverse as the communities which they serve and protect, a common thread runs through the District Watch armed response team:

  • A proud track record in protecting the community

  • A deep understanding of community dynamics

  • Firearm training

  • People skills

  • Fast access to back-up from their colleagues

  • Training in crime scene management

  • Easy access to our 24/7 control room

  • First aid skills

  • Counselling skills

  • Advanced driving skills

  • Tactical training

  • Firefighting training

For the armed response team, ‘To serve and protect’ is more than a slogan - it defines their purpose.